Sharon Kressin

    O: 757-827-6995 M: 757-634-2552

    I found a home for my greyhounds, I can find one for you too!

    Born and raised in Hampton, I was introduced to the real estate business at an early age. My father ran Tom Evans Real Estate, and I worked with him from my teen years to my early 20s. Dad built and sold houses here till 1979.

    Marriage to an Air Force Officer in 1975 sent the family to the "rainy" NW and McChord AFB. For the next 36 years, found me raising a precious hearing impaired daughter and teaching for 32 years. 19 years in elementary and 13 years in middle school honed people and selling skills, along with patience and drinking a LOT of coffee. Ever heard of Starbucks?. Achieving a Master's in Administration and being honored with 5 "Who's Who of Teachers" awards were the highlights of that career. Also, the continued friendship and correspondence with former parents and students.

    In 2011, returned to my beloved Virginia and moved into an Abbitt rental property in Hampton. Being pleased with the property management service, and I decided to pursue a career in real estate at Abbitt Realty after chatting with Stephen Abbitt.

    "The Greyhound Realtor" moniker came to be due to my having two rescued greyhounds. Originally a Shih-tzu owner for 26 years, saw a documentary on what happens to the ex-racers. Knew then they would be my next breed to love and protect. Nothing like two 40 mph "couch potatoes". Like potato chips, can't have just one because they love having a buddy.

    So grateful to the Abbitt family for allowing me an opportunity to pursue a passion and a useful purpose of helping people find a home. Never too busy for referrals.

    Abbitt Realty Co.
    2114 Executive Drive
    Hampton, VA 23666
    Phone: 757-827-6995