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McKinley Gamble

O: 757-223-7478 M: 757-236-9842

Why Real Estate?
McKinley's passion for real estate and desire to help others lead him to become a REALTOR. His philosophy: "Purchasing a home is a lifetime investment and I will make every effort to ensure you that I will be dedicated to the cause of fulfilling your expectation throughout your home buying process to help you find the home of your dreams".

Why Abbitt Realty?

Football has always been one of McKinley’s passions. Through the sport he learned the importance of teamwork. In order to be great at something its always better to have a strong team behind you. Mckinley believes that "You need a team that’s always there to assist and push you forward when needed and that’s what I found with Abbitt Reality and why I Joined the Abbitt family".

Who is McKinley Gamble?

McKinley was born in Hampton, Virginia and has been a native of Newport News, Virginia his entire life. Mckinley Gamble learned at an early age that he wanted to be involved in entrepreneurship. In school he joined the stock market club and learned the values of investing. The more McKinley learned, the more he realized how important real estate is when it comes to investments and building equity, so now he is dedicating his time to helping others venture into owning their own property.

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