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Dorothy Hennings

O: (757) 827-6995 M: (757) 915-2873

Why choose me as your Realtor?

So you've made one of the most important decisions of your life, your ready to buy a home and have no idea who to call OR your ready to sell your most important asset and are ready to call a good Realtor but who do you call??
Hello, I'm Dorothy Hennings and I'm going to tell you why I think I'm the Realtor to choose. First off, I was born in Newport News, raised in Hampton, lived here most of my life and love the area. Need someone who is very familiar with the area your looking to move to, that's me.
Also, being a homebuyer myself, I understand the stress that comes along with finding that perfect home. First, you got to find the right Lender, then you got to find the right Realtor, then you got to find the right house. All very quickly because that home you may be wanting may not last very long on the market. This is where the good Realtor comes in, you need someone available to communicate effectively with the Realtor on the Seller side to find out what is really important to that Seller selling their home. Negotiation is so very important in this business because chances are 95% of the time, your not the only one wanting that home and your offer must stand out. You ask, how am I good at this?
I come from a RN background, was a nurse since 2002, proud to help every patient, once a nurse, always a nurse but I always felt I had a business calling and always wanted to try my hand at Real Estate. Being a nurse helped me with communication skills that I'm proud of. Also I bring trust and integrity to my business because it is important for homebuyers to know every aspect of the deal from start to finish so we can make it to the closing table smoothly. Availability a worry? Making myself available for showings is important. For showings....bring your family, it's totally alright. I know firsthand how hard it can be to get childcare on a whim. All home buyers are welcome to call me, whether it's your first home or your fifth if your an investor, I don't mind answering questions about the home buying process.
Thinking about selling your home and have no idea where to begin, call me and we can do a free market analysis over the phone to see where your home compares to other homes in your neighborhood and what have those homes sold for. This process does not take long and a printout can be sent to your email. Any questions on how to make your home show ready or if any repairs would benefit before listing? I welcome the opportunity to visit with you to discuss this more. Also, I take the utmost pride in listing your home using professional photographers who can make your home look more amazing than it already is. Ask me if you have to pay for the marketing of your home. The answer is no, not at all. You only pay commissions when we sell your home.
So on a personal level, I enjoy biking, kayaking, walking trails, the park and outdoor time but mainly enjoy spending free time with my husband and 4 year old son. I enjoy volunteering for causes that are important for my community. I enjoy working for Abbitt Realty because the staff is motivational and resourceful when it comes to helping the Realtors with any questions they may have regarding their business, so I feel like I'm never alone in helping my business thrive.

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