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Isle of Wight Real Estate

Although considered largely rural because over 85% of its land is estimated to be used for farms and forest, Isle of Wight is an area to keep an eye on! Home to 35,000 people, this county is rich in farming history. It touts over 350 farms for crops such as soybeans, peanuts, corn, and more.

Lately this agricultural community has been busy with development, increasing nearly 20% in population since 2000. It is now home to many award winning communities like Cypress Creek, Gatling Pointe, and Wellington Estates.

Isle of Wight is commonly known for two of its towns, Smithfield and Windsor. For more information on Smithfield, click the guide to the left labeled “Smithfield.” Windsor is a community within Isle of Wight that was founded in 1902.

Though small is size, Isle of Wight hosts a Green Mountain Coffee manufacturing facility. For more information about Isle of Wight and how it may be the perfect fit for you, contact one of our Realtors today.  We think you’ll agree that Isle of Wight gives you the best of both worlds – city life during the workday and a rural, tranquil retreat when you get home.

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