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Home Security during the Holidays


This holiday season have peace of mind by following these tips to protect your home:

Burglar Breaking In To Home At Christmas Through Back Door

  • Burglars prefer to steal from homes that seem empty; it is a good idea to use a few light timers when you are not there to make it seem like your house is occupied. It is also smart to leave a TV or radio on to further confuse the thieves.
  • Newspapers piling up on your driveway are a giveaway to thieves that you’re out of town. Therefore if you are vacationing over the holidays you should contact your newspaper provider and request for delivery to stop until you return.
  • Let a friendly neighbor know if you are going out of town so they can keep a lookout for anything suspicious. You can often contact the local police to arrange home checks periodically when you are gone.
  • Thieves often force their way into homes by breaking through a door or window. Having a locksmith install a long deadbolt and replacing wooden doors with metal can thwart a criminal’s efforts to enter your home. Security door braces are an excellent second layer of defense for your door. Applying glass protection film to your windows is an affordable way to strengthen your home’s security.
  • Conceal your valuables so no one can see them from looking in your windows.
  • Do not hide house keys under your doormat or any other obvious place its practically a gift to burglars. Keep a spare key with a trusted neighbor or invest in a door lock with a keypad to enter in case you do lose your house key.

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