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Staging Your Home to Sell!


Staging your home can make a major difference to potential buyers. In some cases staging can actually reduce your listing time one third or even half. It is hard for a buyer to visualize their life inside a home with your personal belongings throughout it or in the absence of furniture. The purpose of staging is to make your home appeal to the largest number of potential buyers possible. If you have already moved out of your home there are companies in Hampton Roads that are able to stock your home with furniture to make it look lived in. Here are some simple tips to get your home to sell:

Cleaning-supplies-1al6xdr1. Cleanliness

One of the most important factors of staging your home is keeping it spotless. Odors, dust, dirt and grime can distract the buyer from the actual selling points of your home. All of these can be combated with a deep clean of your entire house. Having your carpets professionally cleaned can remove odors and help your home show to its best capability. A clean home shows the possible buyer that the home has been cared for.

  1. home-staging-depersonalize-before-and-after-picturesDepersonalize

Pack up personal photos and family keepsakes and keep them out of sight because they can also make the prospective buyer have a hard time imagining themselves living in the house. If you are marketing your home it does not hurt to leave some photos up, this can make the possible buyer think they can enjoy the home as well. You are selling your house first and foremost so make the home the main focal point.

  1. Clear the clutter

clutterClutter can make your home seem messy and smaller than it actually is. Pack up your papers, personal collections and items that cover surfaces that are not decorative.  It is often a good idea to remove some of your furniture so rooms seem larger. Large furniture can swallow a room and make it seem smaller than it actually is. Keeping your furniture off the walls can also help make your room seem larger so the buyer can distinctly see paths to walk.

  1. Curb appealplant-list-x

Keep your lawn in the best shape possible so when someone drives by and sees the outside of your home they become curious about the inside. Keep your grass clean cut and watered to make it looks tamed and green. Pressure washing can make your home seem much cleaner and newer. Renting a pressure washer is not very costly and it is well worth it.

  1. small-bright-roomLighting

People are more attracted to bright rooms so when showing your home, be sure your curtains or blinds are open as well as all the lights are on. Make sure the wattage in your bulbs are the maximum for which the socket allows to keep your rooms bright and welcoming.




  1. Lead the eyeapril06decnews_staging_4_H2.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.960

When you are rearranging your furniture avoid putting furniture near focal points such as large windows or fireplaces. Often times less furniture is more. You can arrange your furniture in a way that is downplays the negative characteristics.



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