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Tips on Updating your Garage


Garages are often messy and unattractive. Follow these tips to improve the functionality and looks of your garage.
  • Organization

garage Having an organized garage can make your life much easier. A great storage option for garages is shelves. Shelves can house anything from gardening equipment to dog food. Objects on the ground can make a garage seem messy but placing these items on a shelf makes the room seem more spacious and tidy. A pegboard is the perfect way to organize tools; there are a variety of different hooks that can be used to hang almost anything. You can paint shapes on pegboard to designate spots for certain items. Putting a pegboard above your work bench or work station can keep tools within reach when you need them. Work stations are a great place to get home improvement projects done so they make a great addition. To neatly hide your garage storage you can use curtains which are very easy to install. Overall garage organization will save you time when you are looking for something and even make your garage more attractive.

  • Garage Doors

Garage doors are large, heavy, moving objects and it is important for them to be inspected for their safety. There are many safety features on modern power Sectional-type_overhead_garage_doorgarage doors such as sensors to prevent the door from closing on objects and possible causing damage. Garage doors come in all sizes and styles. It is best to pick a door or doors that will best complement the rest of your home. Garage door thickness is another important factor. A single layer garage door does not provide as much insulation from the weather or soundproofing as a strong triple layer garage door.

  • Technology

Installing the latest garage technology can save you time and give you peace of mind. Battery backup systems can power your garage in a motion sensorblackout so you can easily get your car out. Some backup systems will even work for weeks which can come in handy after a hurricane or other big storm. One of the fastest evolving technologies is controlling your home from a smart phone. You can operate heating and air conditioning, lock and unlock doors, and even open and close your garage door. It is easy to drive away without remembering to close the garage door so if you were to second guess yourself you could always check on your smartphone. Motion detector lights are a good addition to your garage, leaving lights on can run up your power bill. Never forget to turn off the lights again by adding a motion sensor.

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